Not cool, Jillian. Not cool.

I have to admit that my guilty pleasure for the last month and a half has been The Bachelorette on Monday nights. I have not kept up with either The Bachelor or Bachelorette since about the days of Andrew Firestone or Trista Whateverherlastnameis.

Regardless, I am loving this season, but felt compelled to post re: my disappointment with this evening's episode. For those who watch, I must say I am thrilled that Ed returned, he was one of my favourites. I also don't REALLY think we can blame the guy for leaving the show over his career, with no guarentee after such a short time that he would be the one she chooses in the end. I think we AND Jillian need to give him props for realizing how he felt about her, and that it was worth risking his career. That should tell her something about his feelings.

Major disappointment: keeping Wes. Enough said. Those who watch know what I mean. That is all I care to say on the matter. Stupid move. However, I still eagerly await next week.

Anyway friends....who thinks I should spend the time and money to go see My Sister's Keeper having NOT read the book? I am sensing some strong opinions on this one...


I like to blog every second Tuesday...

I know I have been slacking. I will work on this. Sometimes I think the things I have to say aren't blog-worthy. I guess that's not true.

Photo of the day:

06/20/06- hot kitty with no air conditioning.

Here's a few more, just for kicks and squiggles. This is Three. Yes, Three. My cat's name is Three. You don't have to pretend she's not the cutest kitten with the best name ever. It's just the truth.

Three and Oscar (who is a female Guinea Pig, btw). Three is TERRIFIED of Oscar.

Look at those beautiful markings! Three is engaged to Cooper. This is a decision that was made in a state of fairly mild intoxication by each kitten's owner. They are both so cute. They should be together.

Large Fluffies

Ladies....lets make this happen again.

Ahh...summer 2007.

What she wore...the first.

A night at Neds...
Shoes (that you can't see), Aldo. Shirt, Costa Blanca. Jeans, Jean Machine. Bag, Coach. Belt, Aldo Accessories. Coat, awesome, circa 1998.
Photo credit to Callah.


My lovers

I think these beauties speak for themselves. After all they have been through with me...I think they deserve to be honoured. While I would like to recognize each of them individually...I will refrain.

Favourite/most worn summer shoe: Bottom, second from left. Guess.
Favourite/most worn winter/all year shoe: Top, second from left. Aldo.

GPOY...the first.


...am I too new to blogging to rant yet? Mmmm....yeah I'm over it, I've already decided I don't care and I am going to do it anyway.

As two of the three faithful readers of my blog likely know, I work in a job where I have to very closely interact with customers for most of my day. I have an office, and people come to sit in it, and I provide them with advice.

This can at times prove difficult for me as I am not one to make small talk. I HATE small talk. I would rather knife myself then have to talk to a stranger and pretend to care for the 5-25 minutes they are in my office. It's always the same. I ALWAYS lead with a comment about the weather. I am going to need to work on this as my repeat customers have began to snicker when I lead them in to my office and once again start with the "so..it hasn't been a very nice week so far, hopefully the weekend will be better!"

Anyways, I digress. Back to my story. Today I had a nice women in my office to do something that should have and did take me about 30 seconds. In my attempt to shoo her out of my office, I asked her if there was anything else I could do for her and to have a nice day. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY DAY. She took this as an opening to tell me her entire life story. For real. Courtship, engagement, marriage, kids, divorce, re-engagement, re-marriage. Great.

I'd like to take this moment to point out the company I work for allows us to have two personal items in out offices, so as to cut down on the clutter and make everything look more professional. All of my other co-workers have chosen to adorn their offices with a token picture of themselves and thier spouse....and a plant. Myself however, I JUST have a plant. It's pretty jazzy and I get lots of compliments on it, but nevertheless, just a plant. Single as I am, I don't feel there is really any sort of appropriate picture I could put in my office at this point in my life. I can't put up one of my parents, that's lame. I can't put up one of me and a group of my friends (I'm a financial advisor, my customers already barely trust me, as a 23 year old female with thier money...let alone if they see pictures of me and my jazzy friends in my office). I'm stuck. I shall have to wait until I am in a significant and long term relationship before I get to the stage of having ANY sort of picture in my office. I am not complaining or asking for pity, I am just pointing out the truth as it pertains to my story.

I digress again, but this information is pertinent. So this women who is sitting in my office, after having told me her life story, I suppose picked up on the subtle hints that I may be single. No ring...no picture of myself with spouse. "Are you married dear?" Yes, I am fucking married, obviously you can see my imaginary ring, and my imaginary fiance/husband in that lovely picture over there.

She then proceeds to talk to me for LITERALLY 10 minutes about how "when I meet that person, I will just know", and "hang in there, it will happen for you". Fuck my life. Yes, that's the point of this whole story. Fuck my life. Who the fuck does this lady think she is? I should likely mention that this is NOT the first time I have heard this in my time of being a 23 year old financial advisor. This was however, the most blantant and drawn out attempt.

Note to any of my future customers: I am aware that I am single. This is not news to me. As of this moment, I am enjoying it, and don't really have a problem with it. Please refrain from coming into my office, not taking my advice, and making me feel hopeless about the fact that I am 23 and husbandless.



GPO things i like.

I have been told that I need to start blogging for real. By several people.
Why not start with this. I agree with Paish, I am just as materialistic. I don't think it's unfortunate though.

sneakers / never.
shoes /many. all heels. nothing shorter than 4 inches.
jeans /mostly hollister and jacob.
t-shirt / costa.
bag / coach.
wallet / coach.
watch / guess or coach.
sunglasses / coach. (see a pattern?)
jewellery / aldo accessories.
tv / LG flatscreen.
cellular phone / BB pearl.
mp3 / ipod nano..i think?? it's small and square and pink.
make-up / mac and smashbox.
deodarant / dove cucumber melon.
toothpaste / aquafresh white and shine.
shampoo / some dove crap.
conditioner/that john freida redhead stuff.
soap / fruits and passion.
mineral water / brita thanks.
wine / sauv blanc or pino grig. i'm not overly picky re: the brand.
food / mostly anything delicious.
candy / fudge
hairdresser / looking for a new one. any suggestions?