You do it to me every time...

I made another excessive Aritzia purchase today. I need to not go in ever again.

I wish I owned the Christian Louboutin pumps pictured in my banner to wear with it tonight!



"When we were going to NYU, I think that was the first time we were aware of the power of our personal style. Not the power of it, but the result of it. Between the big sunglasses and the Starbucks cup and the big sweaters, the hobo-chic thing, we were more shocked than anything. I get it; we were fortunate enough to have really nice clothes, and we put them together in this raggedy way." -Ashley Olsen, marie claire, September 2009.

I am fairly convinced that I want to be one of the Olsen twins. I would like it if they adopted me as one of their own. I can't get enough of their style, and I am IN LOVE with both Elizabeth and James and The Row. While I prefer to wear more tailored, structured pieces, I have a great deal of respect for the Olsen's personal style. I wish I had the money and power to pull it off like they do.

Image reblogged from In The Olsens Closet

Homage to Talula Babaton

My most recent extravagance- a tailored Talula Babaton skirt from Aritzia. It's beautiful and versatile, if I do say so myself. As of late I have begun to appreciate Aritzia much more. I wish I could afford to furnish my entire closet with items from Aritzia, namely Talula Babaton and Wilfred.

Top Ten - beauty

This is my top ten list of can't-live-without beauty products. I have tested many brands, but these work the best for me. Some of them are tried and true that I have been using for years and won't ever give up...others are fairly new to me but I know I will continue to use them for a looong time!

1. Body Shop Coconut Milk Body Lotion
This smells fantastic. I use it every day before I leave for work and after every shower. It leaves my skin feeling very smooth. The best part is that it's in a pump/spray bottle, so it's easy to apply and very light.

2. TRESemme Tres Two hairspray
I am a firm believer in minimal use of hair products. Other than shampoo and conditioner, this hairspray is the only hair product I use. After I wash my hair I don't use anything before drying and straightening, I find my hair cooperates much better without it. When I curl my hair (which is most days) this spray does a fantastic job and keeping it in place all day, without making my hair feel like there is product in it. Props to Paish for pointing this one out to me!

3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Best.face cream.ever. Enough said. I've actually heard this is the most popular and best selling brand of moisturizer internationally. I believe it.

4. Benefit High Beam
I believe all of you have seen this product in action. I won't leave the house without it on.

5. MAC Select Cover Up
More than I want to pay for concealer but worth every penny. Does a great job of hiding under eye darkness.

6. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
I have been wearing this perfume daily since it launched in 2004. I love it and I cannot forsee a time in the immediate future that I will stop wearing it. It's light and fun, appropriate for both day and evening. If it stops being produced anytime soon I will need to stockpile it for sure.

7. L'Oreal Clean Definition Telescopic Mascara
Hands down best mascara ever. I have long eye lashes and it works perfectly for me without making them look ridiculously and inappropriately long. Perfect not-too-thick brush!

8. MAC Paints in bare canvas
This product solves the problem of eyeshadow staying put. When applied to eye lids in TINY portions before eyeshadow, it holds the shadow all day without causing it to fade or crease, regardless of what kind of eyeshadow you are using. Love!

9. Benefit Get Even Powder
Since I began wearing make up in my teens, I have had the constant problem of finding a powder that works with my skin. For some reason my skin doesn't seem to want to hold a powder, and shortly after application my skin would be tired looking. Benefit Get Even has solved my problem! It works great to make my skin look much more even and covers up blemishes and discolouration perfectly. I recommend. It's worth the $32. Thanks to Callah for this one.

10. Bonne Belle Lip Lites in Crystal Clear
Last but certainly not least. This tried, tested and true product is an oldie but goodie. Works with any type of makeup application, day or night, on it's own or overtop lipstick for a glossy, iresistable look. I love the smell of it. It reminds me of BR. I can't tell you how many tubes of this little gem I have gone through in my life time.


Trash the Dress

This past weekend my friend Nicole and her husband Ryan celebrated their first wedding anniversary by "Trashing the Dress". I think this is such a fantastic concept. What a great way to use a wedding dress to create a new memory.

Photo credits to the amazing Rene Skrodzki. The shoot took place at Webster's Falls, Dundas, Ontario.

Paish does it again...

Special thanks to Paish for her AMAZING re-design of my blog. Love it!



Stumbled across this little gem today. It really hit home since I am obviously reading a book of which I plan to see the movie version this weekend. Great, isn't it? MLIA.

"Today, I was thinking how great it would be if you could actually watch what was happening in a book. I then realized that it would be a movie. MLIA"- Tuesday. August 11.

Homage to Paish...

30% of my blog is meant to be about it's main subject, Paish. Since only about .17% of my blog has actually been about Paish, I thought it ought to be time to change that. And so, you have Homage to Paish, the first.

Doesn't she look jazzy?

Paish is kind, thoughtful, creative, intelligent, classy and beautiful. She is also an excellent listener. Ontario misses her.


Not enough hours in the day...

I can't put down "The Time Traveler's Wife". I went to Chapters yesterday and bought it. To my slight chagrin, the barista at Starbucks saw me holding it after I purchased it and told me it was "okay, I guess, but it's really confusing and hard to get in to".

This naive sixteen-year-old discouraged me to the point that I did not pick up the book and begin reading it until about 7pm this evening. I'm glad I didn't wait longer. I can't stop. I should have started earlier. I am already pleased with my decision to read it before seeing the movie.

Full review to follow when I am done. I anticipate that being sometime early tomorrow AM. So, in like, 2 hours.



Why is everyone I know getting married and having babies? Please stop.

A little advice goes a long way...

I love my job. It's difficult and stressful at times, but I love what I do. I have learned many valuable things from my job. Most importantly I've learned how to properly manage own finances. I am certain this is something I would not have learned otherwise. Every day, I am blown away by how badly people can mismanage their money. Not that I want to plug the competition, but Scotia Bank's current catch-phrase has it right- you ARE richer than you think. This is the case for almost anyone. I know, I am a financial advisor.

I think EVERYONE should take 30 minutes of thier time and go to thier bank and talk to someone who does what I do. I don't care where you bank- sitting down with a financial advisor can honestly change the way you do your banking and save you more money than you thought possible. I know you likely disagree with me and think you already know everything. You don't. You don't know your bank's products as well as I do. Don't waste more of your money because you think you know it all. Most people of our generation do the majority of thier banking electronically. I certainly did before I started working at the bank. Now, I RARELY do my banking this way and likely never will again. Here's the reason why= PEOPLE can advise you and machines cannot. Perfect example= when I was a student, I was paying upwards of $30 a month, every month in service fees to the bank. Why? I didn't really know. Did I ever do anything about it? Not so much. I see this ALL time.

On a daily basis I save people hundreds of dollars a year because they are not using banking products which are best suited to thier needs. It is defiinitely worth your time to take 30 minutes and talk to someone who can review you products and services with you and advise you on your financial needs today and for your future. No bank will charge you for this service, and the advice will go a long way. If you bank with PC, good luck doing this- you won't succeed. Anywhere else, congratulations you are going to get the best advice of your life.

It's best to sit down with an advisor and take a comprehensive look at your entire financial picture. Day to day banking needs, credit, non-registered investments and retirement planning. While this can seem daunting and unnecessary in your early 20's, it is. Wake up, you're an adult and you need to formulate a life plan.

My advice for the day:
- Make sure you having a chequing account that suits your needs. Don't pay $25 a month when you can pay $12...and don't pay $4 a month for the cheapest account when you make WAY more then the allowed number of transactions and end up paying $20 in transaction fees.
- Open a tax free savings account and set up a pre-authorized transfer between your chequing and savings for an amount you can afford on a bi-weekly basis (or whatever your pay frequency is).
- Open an RSP (mutual funds are best right now), and do another pre-auth transfer the day you get paid to go into the RSP. It's a fantastic time to get in to the market. This is a moment in time where people of our generation will be able to amass a great amount of wealth from taking advance of low stock and mutual fund prices which have no where to go but up. Don't wait until you are 30 to start your RSP, you will be WAY ahead the game if you start now.
- If your credit card has a limit of over $5000, lower it. Anything more is unneccessary, and can hurt your credit in the future when you want a mortgage....and that may be sooner than you think. $5000 is enough to suit anyone's short term credit needs, which is the purpose of a credit card. If you need more than $5000 worth of credit for debt or a major purchase, you should have a line of credit instead.

That's my two cents for the day. ;)

It's time for you to...

...get a watch.

As featured in my previous "What she must have" post, I wanted to take a moment to focus on this Coach watch. It's on the top of my list of must have accessories. I think it screams Annie.

I have searched high and low on line, and have been unable to find it anywhere for purchase. Should any of you happen to come across this ANYWHERE, please let me know where I can purchase it.

Love love love!


What does one wear to a Blue Jays game these days? One who is absolutely not planning to wear jeans and a t-shirt of any sort. One who rarely dresses down for any occasion. Thanks in advance.


What she wants...

Thanks to Paish, I am now unable to stay away from Polyvore.

Basically everything I need to own: