Joyeux anniversaire...

The result of my birthday shopping:

and snacking...


Paish defined...

Recently, I was showing a friend my blog for the first time. This friend does not know Paish. "What is paish?" my friend asked in kind of a snobbish, attitudinal, what-the-hell kind of tone. I explained why my blog is called iheartpaish. This got me wondering if 'paish' is actually a word with some sort of meaning. Straight to dictionary.com I went. No definition. Wikipedia, same thing. Urban Dictionary, however, was another story. I thought this was worth sharing. It gave me a chuckle.

Obviously not much credibility here, but I think I like it. It may be the new jazzy, but opposite. Don't get too down on yourself Paish, paish is certainly not a word I would use to define your jazzy self.


GG S3 in 15 hours. Just saying.


Have you ever seen the Raine?

Last night I was lucky enough to be guestlisted to see one of my favourite bands open for another of my favourite bands! I went to see Will Currie and the Country French open for Our Lady Peace. It was an amazing show, OLP played LOTS of their older songs and just a few from the new album, which suited me just fine. It was a pretty small venue and a very energetic show. I wish it could have lasted longer. After the show while hanging out with The Country French backstage, Raine and company stopped by to say hello...no big deal.


I heart fall...

I am so pleased that fall is approaching. It is definitely my favourite season. I wish it could be September all year. Fall makes me want to buy coats and boots and scarves. I started my fall shopping this past weekend. I wanted a few core items; new boots, skinny jeans, and a boyfriend blazer. I was successful in finding the boots I wanted, as well as some scarves and basic tees/camis. I am still in search of the perfect blazer, though I am strongly tempted by Aritzia.

Here are my new boots. Do we think it's seasonally appropriate to wear them yet? I probably wear them regardless.


I am dissatisfied with the appearance of my blog. As a result, I am not motivated to blog. I will work on this asap.