high violet

do any of my approx. five blog readers happen to be fans of the band the national? my guess is no, but if i am wrong, let me know, as i would absolutely DIE to see them live in vancouver at the malkin bowl on september 9th.

bath time

sign me up for this...

i am a bath girl. i love them. if this could be my daily bath life would be pretty fantastic.


congrats grads !!

congrats to four exceptional ladies on your official m.a. convocation today: paish, vero, marnie, and magdalyn. you are all fabulous and i hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your successes.

wsw: bathroom mirror edition

shirt: club monaco, skirt: club monaco, tights: wilfred, necklace: costa blanca, shoes: guess



bonne fete ms. best

even though i am a day late in france, i hope your birthday was spectacular! come home soon!